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Why Train with MidAmerica?

There are many reasons people become interested in Aviation. Some are looking for a better solution to business travel, while others are looking for a great and rewarding personal hobby. There are also many who are looking at making Aviation a full time career. Either way, once a person becomes interested in aviation and begins to experience the many joys of flight, they’re usually hooked for life.

The team here at MidAmerica Flight want to help make your goals a reality by offering some of the highest quality flight instruction within the most technologically advanced aircraft in the country. Our goal is for you to finish your training with more confidence and ability than you would have received anywhere else, and at a proven value.

Experienced Instructors

The leadership at MidAmerica Flight has sought out some of the most seasoned flight instructors who bring years of experience to the forefront of their instruction, and who supplement the basic instructional information and methods with their real-world experience and information. We don’t hire recently-graduated flight instructors like many flight training centers do…we look instead for instructors with backgrounds and experience in corporate aviation; the airline industry, and years of professional instruction. We hire safe, experienced and knowledgable instructors to give our students a better opportunity for success.

Quality Aircraft

In the general aviation industry, there is one aircraft manufacturer who is a leader in Safety, Quality, and Efficiency –  and that is Cirrus Aircraft. Being one of the first manufacturers to successfully utilize an entirely composite body, Cirrus is one of the most efficient aircraft on the market today. Cirrus also has an unparalleled commitment to safety, and has proven that with the innovative CAPS™ system – which stands for “Cirrus Airframe Parachute System“. The CAPS™ system was the first of it’s kind, and Cirrus has been garnering accolades from aviation industry leaders for years now concerning it’s innovative approach at saving lives.

Our Flight Programs

FAR Part 61 Flight Training

Training that is flexible to your schedule.

If you have  limited time to fly and require any training to conform to a flexible schedule (because of your current career or educational requirements), Part 61 training would be a good fit for you. You can schedule flight training at flexible times, and stretch your training out over a longer period of time. This is especially helpful for people who are seeking to learn without interruption to their current profession.

Private Pilot Certificate:
40 hours of logged flight, no specific ground minimum (either logged training with an instructor or a home study course)

Instrument Rating:
50 hours x-country flight, 40 hours logged instrument flight, no specific ground minimum (either logged training with an instructor or a home study course)

Recurrency Flights:

  • Flight Reviews
  • Re-establishing Currency
  • Transition Training – Advanced Transition Training
  • Powerplant & Avionics Differences Training
  • Glass Cockpit Training

FAR Part 141 Training Academy

Structured University-Style Curriculum

We are currently working with two Four-Year Universities to bring a university-style, structured, high-quality FAR Part 141 Academy to our facility. We’re getting close, and if this style of training is more up your alley, please contact us and let us know you’re interested. We’ll be happy to keep you updated on our progress.