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Our FBOA History of Excellence…

MidAmerica Flight is a Flight Training Academy developed by the leadership of it’s parent company MidAmerica Jet, a Fixed Base Operator (FBO) and Air Charter company founded in 1973. MidAmerica Jet has offered quality flight training for many years, and has helped students achieve their goals of flight by offering quality flight training by experienced instructors. Just before the most recent recession, MidAmerica Jet was forced to cutback on some of it’s services, and the flight training services was temporarily closed.

When the leadership at MidAmerica Jet discussed offering flight training services again, their biggest desire was to improve upon their previous program and provide the some of the highest quality flight training in the region. They wanted safe, reliable and efficient aircraft; a quality curriculum, and a team of instructors with exceptional experience. In their vision, by not settling for anything less, MidAmerica Flight would offer their students unsurpassed quality of instruction, and better equip them to become safe, knowledgable, and talented aviators.

The Future of Flight…

MidAmerica Flight is currently a FAR Part-61 Flight Training Facility, and we’re working on partnering with an Accredited University to launch a quality FAR Part-141 curriculum. Being able to provide both avenues of training (61 or 141) will allow us to offer more flexibility for students, as well as assure they are getting the training they need in the structure/environment in which they best learn. If you’re unfamiliar with the differences, please take a few moments to read through this article from Flying Magizine.

We’ve also partnered with one of the most technologically-advanced aircraft manufacturers, Cirrus Aircraft, and have completed all the necessary requirements to become an official Cirrus Training Center (CTC). Utilizing Cirrus Aircraft and embracing their standards of training, this brings a whole new level of quality of training to our students. Cirrus is known for it’s quality; it’s use of technology, and most importantly, for their safety. Cirrus developed the first-of-it’s-kind “Cirrus Airframe Parachute System” (CAPS™), and has set a benchmark for safety within the general aviation industry.

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